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Exciting News!

To all of my clients and friends,


While the last two years with Larissa Sofia Salon have been nothing short of a blessing and full of personal growth, I am closing this particular chapter Mid-January. With that said, I need to mention that starting out at a large corporate salon then being given this opportunity to try something new and step out of my comfort zone a bit has always felt meant-to-be. I’m forever grateful to Larissa for inviting me to be part of her experience of opening her dream salon.

The exciting part... Myself and some other members of the team have decided to branch out on our own with the new Phenix Salon Suites in Sammamish! If you’re unfamiliar with Phenix, it is an organization that allows stylists and others in the beauty industry to work in their own suite to operate their very own independent business. My team and I have felt so connected that we decided to create a salon-suite which feels individual and private, yet family-like with a fluid ambiance, together.

I cannot wait to share this space with you all. For my clients who followed me from Redmond, this may be slightly closer to you now! For those in Issaquah, it is still super easy to access as it’s right near the Sammamish Metropolitan Market.

What you need to know:

The space will be completed around the middle of January - specific dates to come. Until then, I will continue to get you all scheduled for the New Year, and will be at Larissa Sofia Salon until the transition takes place.

I feel it is fitting with the holiday season here to thank each and EVERY one of my clients for your loyalty and trust in me. I couldn’t do any of it without all of you. 💙

🎄Merry Christmas,


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